One Drop of Water on World Water Day

world water day
One Drop of Water by David Newman

Hi, I am one drop of water. I am here today, World Water Day (March 22), to talk about the drought happening in California. California is in the midst of its worst drought in over 100 years, and the warmest and driest winter in recorded history. California is also in a 3 year dry spell.

As for me, I’m happily ensconced in a pack of snow. The snowpack in California is only 26% of normal. Soon enough though, the snow around me will melt. I will flow down a picturesque river into a reservoir. Then I’ll irrigate some parched land or some parched throats. I shudder to think about all the dried out land-that is what I have nightmares about!

Part of this drought is out of the human’s control. According to this NASA website The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is a “slowly oscillating pattern of sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. At the moment PDO is in a negative phase, a condition historically linked to extreme high pressure ridges that block West Coast storms, and give the Midwest and East Coast punishing winters.” I’m quite glad I’m not there, as I probably would get dizzy!

What does this mean for California? It’s time to start conserving water! My buddies and I are becoming scarce. Otherwise farmers in California may not plant over half a million acres, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars in revenue. Some small communities may run out of drinking water.

How you can help?

1. Take shorter showers, even if just by 1 minute!
2. Check faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks.
3. Install low flow showerheads (a good one feels the same as a water guzzling one) and faucet aerators
4. Start dishwasher or washing machine with only full loads
5. Water your yard early in the day (to cut down on evaporation) and avoid watering on windy days

Thank you! You can make a difference in your daily life, visit this website for more water saving tips