Guest Posting on Ocean of Hope

Guest Posting on Ocean of Hope

If you’re interested in sharing your marine science knowledge and love to write, please consider creating a post for Ocean of Hope. Here are some general guidelines to help you get started. Please email ollieoctopus (at) sbcglobal (dot) net to submit or for more information.

*Posts should stick to themes on marine science, environmental education, or ocean conservation.

*Posts must be able to relate and translate to the non-STEM general public and kids of all ages. Even if you want to feature an interesting article you read in a journal, the post does not need to go into every detail of the study (you can easily link to the article to get around that issue).

*Posts will be rejected if the overall tone is not ‘family friendly’. This is not to say that the content has to be written at a third grade level – but, this just isn’t the place for lewd jokes (e.g., inappropriate or abusive language) or overtly high opinions.

*Posts must be original content.

*Posts should not link sponsored paid articles or links, self promotional articles for your products or services, links solely for purpose of anchor text for keyword SEO, hidden information or misrepresentation of facts.

*An image must accompany the post. Image links must also be provided. You can learn more on image © here.

*I have the right to link to other related posts on Ocean of Hope and to edit and make suggestions to the post (please don’t be offended).

*Please have fun and be creative in your content and title.

*Each post will state your name in the title. A short bio with links to your website can be included at the end.

Thanks to Beach Chair Scientist for letting me use her outline for Guest Posting!

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