Guest Post: 5 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

sea wasp
Box Jellyfish photo from Wikipedia

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Sailing on the deep seas is one of life’s pleasures. However, one needs to consider taking security measures as there are numerous dangers that lurk in the sea. The sea harbors some of the most dangerous animals on earth. The 5 most dangerous sea creatures are: the box jellyfish, the saltwater crocodile, the blue-ringed octopus, the great white shark and the stonefish.

The Box Jellyfish
-Is also known as the sea wasp.
-This creature is transparent so it is hard to see coming.
-It is deemed the most dangerous of all sea creatures.
-It uses its tentacles to sting venom into its prey.
-Can kill a higher number of people than sharks, crocodiles and the stone-fish combined. One species has killed 64 people since 1883.
-Its venom kills in 2 to 5 minutes.

The Saltwater Crocodile
-Is the largest of all the reptiles in the world.
-They are found in Northern Australia, Eastern India and South East Asia.
-They are opportunist s, which means that they feed on anything that presents itself. They kill their prey by biting, ripping them apart, and then swallowing them.
-They are very swift even on land.

The Blue-ringed Octopus
-Is very small and grows up to about 8 inches in length.
-Its venom works by causing paralysis and breathing difficulties. It can kill a human in about five minutes, and has enough venom to kill up to 30 people.
-There is no known anti- venom for this creature.
-It only bites when and if provoked. The bite may not be noticeable. Some people only realize that they have been bitten when they feel numbness in the area.
-It is mostly active at night. During the day, it burrows in sand.

The Great White Shark
-Is the largest predatory fish in the sea.
-It feeds on high energy prey such as marine mammals, including elephant seals. When they bite, they wait for the prey to bleed to death, bite them, and then swallow them.
-After they feed, they may live for up to 3 months without the need to feed again.
-They attack humans out of curiosity and humans may die from their injuries, not because the shark wants to feed on them.
-They are usually active during the day.

The Stonefish
-It grows up to about 12 inches long.
-It is deemed to be the most poisonous fish in the world.
-It is a master at camouflaging . This makes it very dangerous as you may not notice it until you touch it.
-It lives along the coast in shallow waters and often resembles a rock.
-Its venom is in its sharp dorsal fins. The dorsal fins are so sharp that they can penetrate a shoe.

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  1. There is no doubt that box jellyfish is the most dangerous among the lot. It is dangerous because it is very small and often drifted to the shores. It is even more poisonous than a cobra !

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