Dory announces Finding Dory, the Finding Nemo sequel!

Finding Dory
Dory announces Finding Dory, the Finding Nemo sequel!

Hi, Dory here. I am proud to announce that I’m starring in the sequel to Finding Nemo called Finding Dory! It will be released November 25, 2015 so get in line now…just kidding. At least I think that’s what it’s called. I still suffer from short-term memory loss, you know.

Finding Dory takes place one year after Marlin and I found Nemo, and it occurs off the California coast. I’m going to need lots of sweaters, as the water there is so much colder than in Australia’s coral reefs! All my friends including Nemo and Marlin will be in the movie, along with the Tank Gang (Gill, Bubbles, Deb/Flo, Bloat, Peach, Gurgle and Jacques), whom I’ve never met.

I also get to reunite with my real family, whom I haven’t seen in ages. Not that I don’t love Marlin and Nemo, but family is family.

In any case I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been up to since Marlin, Nemo and I returned to their anemone home. All the attention and the interviews were overwhelming, wait, that was for Ellen Degeneres, who is my voice. Or is she my conscience? Oh well, what was I talking about?

Oh yes, I moved next door to Marlin and Nemo’s anemone. Despite the rumors, Marlin and I are not shacking up. We’re just friends. Just where is that anemone again, hmm?

I go with Marlin every school day to take Nemo to Mr Ray’s class. After that we go on a swim throughout the coral reef and often meet up with Bruce, Anchor and Chum for one of their “Fish are friends, not food” meetings. Marlin also reminds me constantly of the things I forget, like where I left my keys, when my next dentist appointment is, and most importantly that we are best friends.

Life is blissful now, though part of the coral reef in which I live has become bleached. Coral bleaching is when coral almost dies, and all that is left is the stark white skeleton. What happens is that the warmer water (which can be influenced by climate change) causes the coral to either expel its algae (zooanthellae), or the algae loses its pigments, and the coral becomes bleached.

So my plea before Finding Dory comes out in 2015 is to please educate yourself about coral bleaching, as my life depends on it. I thank you for your concern, and see you in theaters soon! Love, Dory

Disclaimer: The writer of this does not work for Disney, but is just a big Dory and Finding Nemo fan!

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