@protectoceans Top 5 Tweets for April 1-7, 2013

1. How to break into science writing using your blog and social media via @BoraZ

2. Manta & Mobula Ray sightings signal coastal health off of Australia via @snwa

3. Isolated coral reef surprises scientists by healing itself via @msnbc_science @LiveScience

4. Travels of Pregnant Great White Sharks Revealed via @LiveScience @Douglas_Main

5. VIDEO-@ucsc sea lion is 1st non-human mammal shown able to keep a beat -challenges theory about origins of rhythmic ability

@protectoceans Top 5 Tweets for March 18-24, 2013

1. Palau’s president has proposed to create one of the world’s largest marine reserves, roughly the size of France

2. Leatherback sea turtle nest numbers down via @SFGate

3. Bringing back the dead: A Stanford professor discusses the science and ethics of resurrecting extinct species (VIDEO) via @nytimes
4. The Earth’s Largest Ecosystem in Your Back Pocket: Deep Sea Animal ID app via @deepseanews
5. Fish protein may inhibit cancer metastasis via @ScienceDaily

@protectoceans Top 5 Tweets for March 11-17, 2013

1. Plans to extract minerals from areas of #hydrothermalvents, deep on the seabed interactive video by @BBCNews via @MBARI_News
2. Ocean plankton sponge up nearly twice the carbon currently assumed via @UCIrvine
3. Storify-ed the #CITES4sharks tweets! Read them to learn what happened at #CITES! via @WhySharksMatter
4. Learn how some scientists
are hitchhiking across the ocean to conduct research on the cheap
via @BoingBoing
5. Scuba diving simulation video game released via @examinercom

@protectoceans Top 5 Tweets for March 4-10, 2013

1. The amazing NASA video that reveals how salt moves around the Earth’s oceans | Mail Online click here via @DMAILscitech

2. Postcard From Isla Holbox: (Ir)responsible Whale Shark Ecotourism? click here via @outsidemagazine

3. Awesome ocean news: Hong Kong shark fin trade declines through conservation efforts click here #savesharks via @BBCNews

4. Video – sharks and mantas are critical to ocean health! Find out what CITES is too! #CITES4Sharks via @pewenvironment

5. Special Report: Unsustainable manta ray fishing continues in Mozambique | Marine Megafauna Foundation click here #CITES4sharks