Aquarius Reef Base and Mission Aquarius by the numbers

Aquarius Reef Base & Mission Aquarius
Aquarius Reef Base photo by DJ Roller

I have been captivated by July 2012 Mission Aquarius and I wanted to share

Aquarius Reef Base and Mission Aquarius by the Numbers:

550 peer-reviewed scientific publications since 1993
120 feet-Aquarius can withstand pressure to
114 missions total
81 tons is what Aquarius weighs
63 feet underwater is where Aquarius rests
50 years of underwater exploration is what Mission Aquarius is celebrating
43 feet is the length of Aquarius
21 July end of Mission Aquarius and (hopefully not!) the last mission there
16 NASA NEEMO (astronaut) missions conducted at Aquarius
10 average days per mission
9 feet in diameter (Aquarius)
8 exterior viewports
6– number of people Aquarius can house
5-number of marine zones that the Florida National Marine Sanctuary is divided into for study
3.5 miles offshore of Florida is where Aquarius Reef Base lies
3 high pressure air supplied undersea stations provide air and communication to Aquarius
3 number of times Dr. Sylvia Earle has visited Aquarius
$3 million is the cost to run Aquarius Reef Base for one year
2 pressurized compartments (Aquarius)
1 charismatic goliath grouper

Please help me fill in any numbers, and sign Dr. Sylvia Earle’s petition to “Save Our Ocean Through Exploration” and donate (for cool perks!) to Save Aquarius Reef Base

Thank you!

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